Supplying and Erecting Bespoke Log Cabins Across Scotland

Log Cabins Scotland work with only the best suppliers of Log Cabins and building materials to match our innovative capabilities with our customers' requirements.

Log Cabins Scotland in Partnership with Top Global Suppliers of Log Cabins

Log Cabins Scotland welcome companies being in partnership with us from our those in industry where there is a clear opportunity for them to add value to what we do in providing our customers with quality bespoke log cabins.

Bertsch Log Cabins



Buy Bespoke Built Log Cabins in Scotland

Looking to source professionals to provide you with a Bespoke Built Log Cabin OR Garden Room?

We purchase products and services from well known brands that we have gone and visited ourselves.This ensure that these brand name manufacturers cans fully support the activities of Log Cabins Scotland.

We expect our partners to be obligated to keep our Company's interests first and so our customers can buy without prejudice, when seeking to obtain the maximum value for every pound spent with us. And so we depend on our suppliers to help us deliver the products and assist with designs our customers want - on time and to the quality and high standards you the customer expects.

Log Cabins Scotland recognise that poor performance or unethical conduct by a supplier could affect our reputation or even our ability to operate effectively.Therefore our customers are guaranteed when working with us that, we are expecting those suppliers to meet the standards set out in our Code of Conduct and our Responsible Trading Principle.

Log Cabins Scotlands Strategic Sourcing and Procurement processes means we consider carefully which suppliers we chose to work with from across the globe, so as to establish the best value for the bespoke log cabin our customers want to buy from us. Our strategic sourcing of Suppliers and this partnering approach we take with them, is designed to create a mutually beneficial relationship between our Suppliers, with us and you our valued customer.

If you have read this far, you will have gathered by now that Log Cabins Scotland has high standards, for both sourcing professionals and suppliers who come together to build your bespoke log cabin.

That is why we look forward to you the customer doing business with us, as we utilize a competitive process designed to obtain the optimum in quality, service and value.

Let us look after you and build your next luxury garden shed!

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