Saunakota 17m2


Wall thickness: 45mm

Wall outside dimension: 4,89 x 4,515m

price includes grill, smoke ext hood, reindeer hides, benches, footrests, grill room equip, shingles and delivery to ScotlandPlease allow 4 - 5 weeks for delivery

Saunakota 17m2


Model 8 sided
Planking Thickness 45mm
Wall Outer Dimensions (W x D) 4.89 x 4.515 m
Size / Coverage Area 17.0m2 / approx 41.3m2
Overall Height incl. smoke extraction hood 4.4m
Interior sauna ceiling Insulated elements of pine
Material Natural Pine
Roof Material 18mm pine panels
Roof Elements Ready Tiled bitumen tiles*
3 wall elements with tilting window (W x H) 1.87 x 1.33 m
4 blank wall elements (W x H) 1.87 x 1.33 m
Available ovens for sauna: 15 kW or wood-fired
Door with glass and cylinder lock.  
Double-glazed windows.  

Other Features

Grill room equipment: Grill with copper-coloured smoke extraction hood, 3 reindeer hides, benches, footrests, wooden plates and cutlery for 6 persons, 6 large and 6 small Kuksa (Lapland wooden cups), guestbook, binoculars and schnapps container, thermometer, coffee pot and stand, wooden serviette stand, pair of grill gloves, pan holder, clock in wood.

Sauna room equipment: benches, door with glass panel and insulated roof elements of spruce in the sauna.

* Available colours for bitumen tiles: black, green, red, blue, grey, brown, copper.

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