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Log Cabins Scotland prefer to supply and fit their own foundations. There is very good reason for this when you consider the building you choose could be up 5 tons in weight. So, the foundations have to meet very high standards so a Log Cabins Scotland Garden Room or Bespoke Log Cabin will stand the test of time under all the elements that it has to withstand.


Preperations for Your Wooden Log Cabin Base

Too many times in the early years to keep cost down we would tell clients its probably cheaper to have a local contractor to lay foundations - then we will fit the building.

Our thinking behind this was to help make it cheaper for the client - probably 9 times out of 10 - we were wrong and the base supplied by the local "builder" was not level, sized correctly or fit for purpose !

 Log Cabins Scotlands approach to good foundations

Log Cabins Scotland decided that it was cheaper in the long term - if we supplied the base that - we had to build on - and we find that it is cheaper to do it right the first time,


So to help you decide the correct base for your building as this is the most critical thing about these solid log buildings is that the base is dead level - here is a few things to consider about what the others recommend.

 Common Log Cabin Foundation Mistakes

Slabbed bases ! Contrary to what most other web sites say - we think they are totally unsuitable and make very poor foundations for your expensive purchase !

Your contractor will invariably make the base 1ft bigger than the cabin ! what will happen to the rain that falls on this extra slabbing around your cabin ? It will constantly soak your base beams and probably wick in to your internal floor joists !


When your cabin goes at the base - its more or less gone !

Buy a Log Cabin With Solid Foundations from Log Cabins Scotland

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