Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems for Log Cabins Supplier in Scotland

If you have your bespoke log cabin built by Log Cabins Scotland then why not also have installed our Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) solution that will provide your log cabin with much needed air conditioning for those hot summers and keeping your log cabin snug and cosy during those winter months, giving you all year round use of your bespoke garden shed or customised log cabin.

The Benefits of Installing our Heat and Air Conditioning Systems for Your Garden Shed

All Air Source Heat Pumps are a great source of renewable energy, as they take heat from the outside air and not from the mains power supply, they can give out up to 5x the amount of energy they consume from fossil fuels, that makes the unit 500% efficient. Air source heat pumps have very low installation costs compared to any other form of renewable energy, they are 10x less expensive than ground source heat pump systems Air to Air heat pumps work as air conditioning systems when they are not being used as heaters.

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