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Custom built garden rooms designed supplied and erected for our customers by Log Cabins Scotland based in Fruechie Fife are used for work, rest and play.

Insulated Garden Rooms For Sale in Scotland

Our garden rooms come fully insulated and with proper double glazing, and roofing shingles in several patterns plus you can have installed one of our heating and cooling solutions. We are also an outlet for Eco Toilets so you could customise your log cabin come garden room to have a small toilet tucked away.

Bespoke Garden Rooms and Not Just a Wooden Shed Building

We build your garden room and all of our full range of bespoke log cabins to a very high standard, and if you get in touch we shall explain why our importance processes first of all focus on the foundations. Without a properly installed base your purpose built log cabin you want to last a lifetime, well, quite simply, it won't, We have comforted a few souls who thought the cheap garden shed we see being offered by competitors was the answer, for them to later see where there luxury outdoor building instead began deteriorating in just a few years. A sore financial lesson learnt.

Bbut with a custom built log cabin from Log Cabins Scotland we can show you our luxury wooden buildings which range from it being the ultimate man cave shed or the ideal hobby room for the railway modeller or a place to escape for a bit of sewing still looking as good from the day they was built.

Garden Room Ideas - Yours and Ours

We also don't just sell you a garden room, instead we explore garden room ideas that you have and that our design team can offer. And from there we can look at combining the two. Garden ideas for outdoor living, whether you just want to be in a building retreat detached from your home to enjoy your garden, or you are in need of extra space for that hobby or business office or workshop if you are self employed.

Garden Room Gallery Showcase

Just look at the garden rooms being showcased on this landing page.

Bespoke Log Cabin Garden Rooms

The garden rooms built by Log Cabins Scotland come in different designs. And so, if you want a bespoke garden room you can have choices.

corner entry garden rooms
gable entry garden rooms
pavilion garden rooms

We have a bespoke log cabin that can become your ideal leisure building adjacent to your house. So if you have an idea for a log cabin to suit your needs and you want a custom built garden room, we can help.

Satisfied Customers with Log Cabins in Scotland

Read our client testimonials and you will find out why our order books are never empty with our teams constantly being deployed all over Scotland.

A Welcome Awaits at Log Cabins Scotland in Fruechie Fife

Keith and Wendy are only a phone call or email away, and are ready to chat with you to explore the type of log cabin you need.

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