Eco Toilets - Waterless Toilet Available for Our Bespoke Log Cabins

Depending on the type of custom build log cabin you ask Log Cabins Scotland to design and build for you may be fitted with a a dry separating toilet that uses the latest technologies that benefits the environment rather than polluting it.

eco toilet fitted

Dry and Composting Eco Toilet for Bespoke Log Cabins - The Benefits

This Eco toilet treats human excrement using biological processes, turning it into organic compost material that can be used to fertilise the soil.

eco toiletsLog Cabins Scotland have chosen the market leading brand EcoToilets Urinals and bowels as their preferred WATERLESS  toilets since they require require no mains connections and are odour free under normal user as they require no mains connections and are odour free under normal use. 

eco toilet fitted out


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