£3654.00 £3045.00 Ex VAT

Wall thickness: 27mm

Wall outside dimension: 300 x 300

Prices includes floor and delivery to central Scotland, allow 4 - 5 weeks for delivery.

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A true chameleon!

With our new model Cara we present a whole new way of building summer houses. We achieve an unequalled stability by the professional wooden post-and-beam construction. The infi ll of the walls is optionally made out of different wall elements and thicknesses (log 28/45 mm and rhombus formwork 28 mm) which can also be combined.

Design your house in a modern or classical style!

Due to the post construction you obtain a clear structure between horizontal and vertical
elements. Our roof shapes (saddle, mono-pitch, fl at and hipped roof) offer the possibility to perfectly fi t your house into your surroundings. The window and door product range as well as the accessories complete the individuality.


  • wall thickness: 28 mm Rhombus formwork)
  • wand outside dimension: 300 x 300 cm (W/D)
  • roof overhang: all around = 30 cm
  • wall height f: 228 cm, wall height b: 220 cm
  • roof area: 13,00 m², slope 2 degrees EPDM Set £503.00
  • double door: 150 x 186 cm (3-cross bars affi xed)
  • window: 1x 100 x 40 cm Tilt clear glass, 2x 70 x 182 cm (3-cross bars affi xed)
  • wall area: 23,5²
  • cubic contents: 20,2 m³

You decide on the intended purpose and we plan together your (summer) house of your dreams.

  • Post-and-beam construction 28 mm: 10 x 10, 45 mm: 12 x 12 cm (Pfosten H x W) with tenon joint
  • Frame construction 28 mm: 6 x 10, 45 mm: 6 x 12 cm (H x W) with mortise
  • Floor boards with baseboard and sub-construction lumbers
  • Wall elements in different designs
  • Roof shape: saddle, mono-pitch, fl at and hipped roof
  • Roof construction suitable for roofi ng with bricks
  • Walls may be insulated by the costumer
  • Extensive accessories product range (windows, doors, extensions …)
  • Optionally oiled with BHB wood oil nature

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