How To Buy Cheap Garden Rooms and Log Cabins - The Commom Way

You choose a standard cabin from a brochure – most cabin suppliers and manufacturers have a range of "standard cabins" in a few "standard sizes" and in 1 log thickness with windows and doors as shown – you may be able to buy additional windows and doors to add them where you really wanted them. You lay it on a foundation and start to erect it and the rain comes on, and it might go all down hill from there. Next sunny day log cabin built job done. Moving on having enjoyed your log cabin for a couple of years, it seems it is sinking, or you notice the base of the log cabin is rotting away. Looks like you might have to build another one??

How To Buy Luxury Affordable Garden Rooms and Log Cabin - The Log Cabins Scotland Way

So, let Log Cabins Scotland take you back to the review step and you are now looking to ensure you buy a log cabin based on quality, reliability and it having professional workmanship behind the preparation of the foundations, it being properly constructed and it standing the test of time. Plus it looks like a luxury log cabin and yours, because the design is bespoke from your ideas.

You want a log cabin that will last?
You want a log cabin sitting on proper foundations?
You want a log cabin that is fully insulated?
You want a log cabin with properly finished joints?
You want a log cabin with beautifully fitted doors and windows?
You want heating, lighting and power in your log cabin?

So, you decide what you would like to have and then talk to us about how much you want to spend. A deal is then struck and we begin preparing to supply and install your dream garden shed or summer house. The plan is to then get down to building your vision, with minimum delay by making sure we pay attention to the following :

  • size and layout suitable for your space and needs
  • log thickness – depending on intended use – 28mm is ok for a summer occasional use type or simple storage shed and single glazed, where for all year round use we advise a 45mm log as a minimum thickness with 58mm, 70,, or even 94mm log with double glazed windows and doors as standard
  • decide the style you like, i.e. gable entry, side entry or corner entry
  • choose whether you want an overhang to the roof in any direction, front back or sides
  • plan your ultimate window and door configuration and sizes you would like
  • any other requirements – such as storage mezzanines above, internal rooms
  • with us you also have a choice of roof coverings from top quality felt shingles to Metrotile roofing systems with 40yr guarantee
  • we also offer pre-painted windows and doors in a choice of colours
  • our fitting service includes, base work and foundations in various forms, insulation to roofs and floors - or walls if required, electrics roughed out and all cabling hidden in the walls with sockets and switches recessed for flush fitting, gutter kits supplied and fitted
  • Sikkens stains and paints supplied and in some cases we also spray the cabins prior to fitting windows and doors (weather, site and distance permitting) Troll elasticated varnishes for floors and walls
  • provide us with a simple floorplan showing your desired cabin (with sizes please) and indicate where you would like windows and doors and style – solid door, 1/2 glass, 3/4 glass or full glass and rough window sizes - and we can give you a price for your ultimate cabin – not a compromise


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