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Contemporary Garden Rooms

Popular Modern Luxury Contemporary Garden Rooms at Log Cabins Scotland

Log Cabins Scotland Offer Custom Built Garden Room Log Cabins 

Often when people search on the term “Log Cabins Scotland” mostly what is seen are log cabins, but mainly those you go and live in for a few weeks when considering the family annual holiday. But of course what we do here at Log Cabins Scotland is build bespoke log cabins, more commonly known now as Garden Rooms, the ideal extension everyone wants as part of their property today rather than have to move home. Somewhere to escape to, or use for whatever purpose. We offer an extensive range of contemporary garden rooms that can be customised to your needs. And we are a leading supplier here in Scotland for Bertsch Log Cabins from which there is a vast selection which you can choose from, and that we can customise. That journey begins by getting to know our customers and what they would like. Of course it is important to see the piece of land where you are intent on building your customised garden room.  Once all that is agreed and we get all the parts delivered onsite, then for a few weeks your build is entirely in our hands, and enables us to erect your garden room, summerhouse or bespoke garden office building, whatever you decide it’s purpose to be built to the highest standards and correspond to the agreed design that included your individual requirements.

Log Cabins Scotland Competent Specialists Providing Extensive Advice on Custom Built Garden Room Buildings

So, before you reach the stage of building your customised contemporary garden room that you desire, there is some groundwork to be done initially when placing your order with us here at Log Cabins Scotland. At our base in Freuchie Fife we invite you to come and meet me, Keith Garry or my wife Wendy. We are a family run business and have a longstanding experience and knowledge about how your customised log cabin, purpose built garden room will be built. What you will find is that your building will be built to the highest standards using modern build methods which we guarantee.

Capri Pavilion

Log Cabins Scotland in our opinion prides itself on being a leading state-of-the-art log cabin builder, constructing contemporary garden rooms through high-quality workmanship when erecting the entire wood construction. Our goal is to deliver a garden room that is going to bring you lasting enjoyment. Take a look at some of the bespoke garden room projects in our gallery.

When you get in touch and speak to either myself (Keith) or Wendy, we hope you will immediately detect a professionalism and passion we have about the detail surrounding what sort of garden room we can provide for you, so that it helps you make the decision as us becoming your partner of choice in your journey towards becoming proud owners of your bespoke log cabin, and – the envy of your neighbours and much more.

Some Garden Room Technical Stuff Surrounding the Build

Depending on the requirements we manufacture our log cabins in wall thicknesses of 28, 33, 45, 58, 70, 94 and 112 mm

For example you might want a Garden Room product with 27 mm rhombus as well as with 28 and 45 mm logs.

Log Cabins Scotland can deliver prefabricated cabins with entirely prefabricated floor and wall elements and a wall thickness of 19 mm,

Look at:

  • Pavilion products which has a wall thickness of 28 and 45 mm
  • The Cara Easy product range with 28 mm log and 27 mm rhombus.

A bespoke contemporary garden room from Log Cabins Scotland not only offer a harmonious appearance but also many other  well-conceived detailed solutions with models finished in opaque colours and/or varnished in the colour you desire.

Moreover, you can:

  • When ordering your garden room you find they are fully equipped with a Katepal shingled roof.
  • All log and post-and-beam construction models pre-oiled with our BHB wood oil nature.

Garden Room Log Cabin Roof Construction

  • the roof is constructed from 19 mm tongue and grooved boards
  • wall thickness of 28 mm : purlin dimensions 60 / 140 mm
  • wall thickness of 33 mm : purlin dimensions 80 / 160 mm

You can have a wall thickness of 45 mm : purlin dimensions 80 / 160 mm or stronger depending on the size of the building. (buildings with a minimum wall thickness of 45 mm are suitable to hold slate tiles)

Bespoke Garden Rooms offering Optional Straight or Waved Fascia at the Gable

With our optional straight or waved fascia at the gable triangular ledge for precise water drainage, our standard roof shapes according to each model range are:

  • saddle roof
  • hipped roof
  • flat roof
  • mono- and double-pitch roof as well as peaked/tent roof

in case of the pavilion models (max. diameter 4.0 m) the roof-top elements are also pre-assembled and can be delivered pre-shingled upon request.

Optionally Log Cabins built by us and manufactured by Bertsch Holzbau in Germany can come with rafter roofs (from ridge to eave) instead of longitudinal purlins
(from gable to gable) for all models.

Please specify when ordering.

Get in Touch with Garden Room Specialists who Supply, Build an Maintain Your Bespoke Log Cabin

  • Every Log Cabin Project becomes an individual object.
  • We hope you enjoy implementing both our ideas and yours.

Custom Built Log Cabins Supplied and Erected

Log Cabins Scotland are recognised in Scotland as the industry leader when it comes to supplying and erecting custom built log cabins. Some of our clients want a summer house, others just a garden room where they can be at one with nature all around them, and then there are those who are self employed and want that home office with a view.

Log Cabins Scotland work with only the best suppliers of Log Cabins and building materials to match our innovative capabilitiesthat allows us during the erecting phase to add value by being able to customise the building more towards your needs.

Custom Built Log Cabins Designed for Your Needs

So, where does your journey begin? Well why not head over to our testimonials page and let those customers who have come through the door before you tell their story. And, also why not sit back for a second and take in an aerial view of a recent build we are currently doing. This is a guide hall being constructed in Balmullo Fife.

If what you read and what you see has got your interest, why not take the next step and get in touch with us here at Log Cabins Scotland where you will find the conversation you have with Keith is very informative. If you want to ensure your log cabin will stand the test of time, it begins with preparing the right foundations for the structure to sit upon. Let him tell you where others are doing it the wrong way and how disappointment will set in over time. Not so with a log cabin supplied by Log Cabins Scotland. Go ahead, get in touch, you won’t be disappointed.

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