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Garden Rooms built by LCS bringing You Closer to Nature

Nature Inspired Home Offices

Looking out the window of your main residence right now, none of us can fail to miss the sound of the dawn chorus. Spring is in the air and despite lock down, sitting in your home office garden room listening to the sound of nature from a wide species of birds is very soothing and relaxing.

And so, as you survey the grounds of your own kingdom to see the potential of having a quality log cabin or garden room to slip away too, you can get even closer to your local wildlife.

Here at Log Cabins Scotland owner Keith a log cabins supplier of high quality garden rooms never fails to be fascinated being closer to nature and has some of our best loved species stop by.

Whilst pulling together your garden room design which he builds to meet with your bespoke needs, Keith here at Log Cabins Scotland (LCS),  is being entertained right now by a family of red squirrels.

The tranquillity of being detached from your main residence and instead being at the heart of your garden and closer to nature can bring its own form of entertainment. Wouldn’t it be tranquil not having to travel to work but instead take a short stroll out to your garden and get up close and personal with some curious visitors who might come and watch you work.

Purpose Built Buildings installed in Your Garden anywhere in the Heart of Scotland.

You can quietly work away in your home garden office environment with all the comforts you have within your main home. And as you take in the view out of the spacious fully double glazed windows and your air heat pump keeps the perfect temperature whatever the time of year, then who knows which of Scotland’s wild animal species might just turn up to take a look at you working.

In Keith’s case he set about being on a mission to attract more red squirrels into his spacious garden area at Log Cabins Scotland HQ in the heart of the countryside just outside Freuchie in Fife through the success of working at sending the grey squirrels packing to allow the red squirrels to move in.

And now on a regular basis more and more red squirrels have decided that hanging out next to a quality log cabin builder is looking after their needs,.

And so at Log Cabins Scotland the red squirrels have come to realise they are living the life of Riley compared to some.

If you want to get closer to nature in your garden space and enjoy the peace and tranquillity to enjoy the sound of nature outside your door, talk to Log Cabins Scotland.

We have to say though, our log cabins don’t come with a free red squirrel you will have to find one and make friends with it by yourself!

If you are changing the way you are going to work post lock down, and you wish to have an outdoor office space where you will commune with nature, or just having a view of trees and grass, talk to Keith at LCS. Pop in an see him too but remember this sign when coming up our private road, we have some new friends.

Home offices from Log Cabins Scotland. More than just your average outdoor building or wood built extension.  Its a garden office or leisure building pavilion that stands up to the all the elements.

Buy your next garden room from us and it could feature an insulated roof and floor, pre-painted windows and doors, Katepal fire rated roofing shingles, with an internal intumescent fire retarding paint finish, and an exterior paint decoration giving your home office garden room that touch of luxury look.

*Images courtesy of Fiona Austin.

Our Bespoke Log Cabin build at Gleneagles Golf Course

Arrival of the Half Way House Log Cabin at Gleneagles 9th Hole

Gleneagles Bespoke Log Cabin

After all the cheering on the final day of the Solheim Cup had come to an end on the 15 September 2019 with Europe winning after an epic finish, and the crowds departed and return in 2020, someone else was waiting patiently in the wings to achieve another challenge. It was of course us here at Log Cabins Scotland (LCS), bespoke Log Cabin builders and providers of custom built garden rooms and pavilions.

Building a Bespoke Log Cabin in the Heart of Perthshire.

This was the job at hand, to deliver an award winning piece of bespoke building architecture that will sit in pride of place at Gleneagles golf course.

We pride ourselves on being a premier builder of bespoke log cabins across Scotland and the Islands, so, here we were ready to begin building our latest bespoke log cabin project at the 9th Hole of this very famous golf course in Perthshire.

Gleneagles Hotels had decided that Log Cabins Scotland were the go to company in Scotland and that LCS represented for them the quality and diversity we could offer, which made us stick out from the competition and so be chosen by Gleneagles to construct for them a bespoke log cabin aptly titled the ‘half way house’.  This would be located near the 9th hole and built to a very high standard.

The day after the Solheim Cup ended, delivery of the new halfway house was made and building started.

Gofl Course Half Way House Log Cabin

On day 1 the floorjoists were in place and by the end of day 2 the kit was sorted out and building by LCS began in earnest.

By the end of week 1 the cabin was kit was built with all walls and internal rooms formed, with 1st layer of roofboards complete and painted with 4 coats of Teknos primer and topcoat.

The following week we had all the electric wiring concealed, and this was probably the largest wiring system of any cabin as it was to have emergency lighting as well as a full professional catering kitchen installed.

Gleneagles Golf Course Log Cabin Kitchen

With the roof and floor insulated and the interior painted with fire retardant paint, the next stage was final fit of electrics, plumbing  by 1st fix. On completion of that work then the floors could be laid, followed by vinyl floorcoverings to the kitchen and toilet, with rubber flooring to the main entrance on the entry from the course itself – for golfers with studs in their shoes!

Finally the building had its stainless steel kitchen fitted, groundworks done to outside and then handed over to the clients Gleneagles Hotels Ltd. All that is left to do now is a little landscaping by the grounds team.

Gleneagles Golf Course Log Cabin

And so the bespoke log cabin project delivered by LCS to Gleneagles Golf Courses in Perthshire erected using 70mm solid log Log Cabin is complete. With its full professional kitchen, toilet, store room and  large dining area. The completed building provides views on 3 sides to the PGA course.

This is typically the usual high quality standard of build that Log Cabins Scotland deliver aand many of its projects are showcased across the website. And of course built to meet with the expected timelines applied to the project.

If you are considering the purchase of a more than average outdoor building or wood built extension, and it maybe something that requires to be fully building control compliant, and stands up to the all the elements, then think LCS. Your next garden room project could feature an insulated roof and floor, pre-painted windows and doors, Katepal fire rated roofing shingles, with an internal intumescent fire retarding paint finish, and an exterior paint decoration that gives your log cabin that touch of luxury look.

Building Bespoke Log Cabin Supplied Perthshire

Log Cabins Scotland Tee’s Off at Gleneagles building a Commercial Log Cabin

Here at Log Cabins Scotland (LCS) we pride ourselves on being a premier builder of bespoke log cabins across Scotland and the Islands. And our most recently acquired project is in the unusual location just off the 9th Hole at Gleneagles in Perthshire.

Building Bespoke Log Cabin

Image courtesy of Google

Commercial Log Cabin Project Near Auchterarder in Scotland

Log Cabins Scotland are preparing to erect a new Half-Way House, catering cabin near the 9th hole at the PGA course which is a stone’s throw from the beautiful town of Auchterarder in Scotland

Building a Bespoke Log Cabin from Foundation to Completion

As LCS embark on this project at Gleneagles in Perthshire we are going to share via our blog the journey of building a commercial log cabin from foundation to completion. This project will demonstrate showing the approach we take on how to build a quality log cabin for commercial use. We hope our story will help customers visiting the Log Cabins Scotland website why we the premier choice to supply and deliver our luxury leisure style wooden buildings should the requirement be a commercial log cabin or a versatile garden room for a variety of domestic purposes. It’s about what makes LCS different from other bespoke log cabin suppliers.

“We often see lots of people searching for cheap garden rooms, but you have to look carefully at what cheap may bring” says Keith Garry of LCS.
Keith went on to add “It is so important for us as a premier builder of bespoke log cabins to show the endless possibilities when demonstrating what differentiates a luxury log cabin compared to  a non-insulated small summer house.”

At Gleneagles, the bespoke log cabin LCS shall be erecting is a 70mm solid log Log Cabin, complete with full professional kitchen, toilet and store room with large dining area. The building will have views on 3 sides to the PGA course.

The log cabin project was due for completion for the Solheim cup which starts on 9th September and runs till the 15th,  but due to a very tight timescale it was decided to start the project on the 16th of September after the event had finished.

The building provided will include – LCS usual high quality standard of build and be fully building control compliant. Featuring insulated roof and floor, pre-painted windows and doors, Katepal fire rated roofing shingles, exterior paint decoration and internal intumescent fire retarding paint finish, kitchen walls will be finished in hygienic wipeable white cladding.

From the 16th of September 2019 the story continues as we tell the story here at Log Cabins Scotland of our building venture in Perthshire at Gleneagle near Auchterarder.

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