9m2 Gardenhouse Victoria


Wall thickness: 45mm

Wall outside dimension: 3,76 x 3,26m

Price includes benches, footrests, shingles and delivery to central Scotland.Please allow 4 - 5 weeks for delivery

9m2 Gardenhouse Victoria


Model: 6 Sided
Rounded Planking: 45mm
Wall Outer Dimensions (W x D): 3.76 x 3.256 m
Size / Cover Area: 9.2 m2 / approx. 19.9 m2
Overall Height: 3.4 m
Material: Natural Pine
Roof Material: 18mm Pine Panels
Roof Elements Ready Tiled: Bitumen Tiles*
3 Wall Elements with tilting Window (W x H): 1.88 x 1.86 m
2 Blank Wall Elements (W x H): 1.88 x 1.86 m
Double Door double-glazed, toned glass  
Double Glazed Windows, toned glass  

*Available colours for Bitumen tiles: black, green red, blue, grey, brown, copper.


We are confident enough to say that there is not a summerhouse in the UK to compete against this one. It is totally unique.

The inside is decorated with curtains and cushions instead of Reindeer hides. There is the same barbecue as in the other buildings. If you wish to be really decadent, it is possible to have a different barbecue made out concrete and finished on top with polished granite tiles. This is the ultimate barbecue table.

There are 2 windows that open on the Victoria summerhouse; these are opposite the double doors. The rest of the walls have double glazed window panes so you get a 360º view.


Victoria 9.0 A = £4840

Incl. benches and 7 footrests

Victoria 9.0 B = £5290                                         
Victoria 9.0 C = £5740  Incl. benches, Incl. benches, footrests, grill with smoke extraction hood, cushions and curtains with rods and holders.floor, grill with smoke extraction hood


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